Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Keeping in line with various successful puzzle-centric games released on the Nintendo DS so far, Capcom has release yet another spectacular sequel title in the form of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. The game begins with main character, Sissel, “waking up” to find that he dead and now just corporeal spirit. Playing as Sissel, you have the ability to interact with inanimate objects within a limited range, and go back four minutes in the past to alter the future. 

Since Sissel suffers from amnesia as well, and can’t remember who he is or why he was killed, he ventures on a quest to protect Lynne, a young detective who is investigating  his murder, and detective ho is investigating his murder, and is also suspect for it. During the course of the game, he saves lives and rescues Lynne on numerous occasions. 
ghost trick phantom detective
ghost trick phantom detective review

The game’s story relies heavily on text-based interactions, similar to that of Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, and has an interesting mix of characters, ranging from a near-sighted assassin, to a Pomeranian with incredible zeal. All of these elements tie into the story very well-from humorous and entertaining interludes to the more thought provoking puzzles you encoder.

The games’ basic mechanics allow you to “possess” and subsequently control inanimate objects to achieve your goal. In order to do this, players must enter a world where time freezes as they figure out the correct combination of tricks to pull off and cross that level. However, players can only travel within a certain radius from an object, and must connect the radii of multiple objects to travel longer distances. If they make a mistake, players can always turn back time and go back to the beginning of the puzzle.
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Once the player figures out the right moves to advance in the game, its design comes across as addictive bringing immense gratification. The visuals are smooth and well-rendered, and lend a degree of personality to the eclectic cast. Also, the environments cleverly mask the different tools that are used within the game, adding a level of intrigue. You will be surprised to see the plethora of secrets that an area hold once you switch to the ghost mode. 

As a whole, Ghost Trick spins a tale that is both comically far-fetched, and refreshingly enjoyable.  It compels you to solve the in-game challenges with your own creative vision. For those who enjoy “mental yoga” and clever puzzle-solving, the game certainly does not dsapont.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dead Space 2 Game

Even through it is fairly new, the Dead space series stands out as one of the most terrifying horror games ever made in gaming industry. The first game of this series was released in 2008, and since then, he series catalogues has ranged and a few spin-off games cementing it’s as a powerful new intellectual Property (IP). Dead Space 2 has managed to maintain the high standards of the series, and has delivered an experience that will shock you to core.

Game Plot

The game opens up with Dead Space 2’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke, walking up in a hospital in the Sprawl, a metropolis on one of Saturn’s moon, with no memory of the last three years. After briefly reliving the events of the last, Clarke witnesses the entire stating being thrown into disarray as the Necromorphs the horrific looking corpses begin transforming people.
dead space 2 dlc

The game then throws you into driving seat as you frantically venture across The Sprawl in order to survive and bring the nightmare to an end once again. As in the first game, the plot progresses through audio and video logs that you find along the way, and by interacting with other characters. No longer has a silent protagonist, Clarke now voiced his opinions and interacts with other characters, brining a sense of realism to his character. The game has an enhanced cinematic feel, with increased cut scenes and hallucinations. 
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Dead Space 2 is a linear third-person shooter, where you solve puzzles and navigate environments, while playing a few rounds of survival with the Necromorphs. Exploration is limited to the occasional room with goodies, and you will find save stations, stores, and upgrade benches at strategic locations. New weapons and amour types have been added, and with the limited supply of ammunition, you find yourself experimenting to make the most of your arsenal.   

While a few new enemies have been introduced, they all work around the same principle of “strategic” dismemberment. Even boss battle, while thoroughly engaging and these are recycled throughout the game- the only major difference is the enemies’ ability to use projectiles against you.   
Nevertheless, the model of strategically using your tools to vanquish foes in frenzied situations is highly enjoyable. The focus has largely shifted from being a creepy survival affair to all an all-out action fest, with emphasis on sheer adrenaline-pumping combat rather that suspense.
dead space 2

Audio and Visuals

When it comes to presentation, Dead Space 2 outshines the excellence of its predecessor. The visuals are crisper and much more defined, animations run smoothly, and there is an excellent use of motion-blur and lighting effects. The absolutely sadistic death sequences bring out the visual finesse of the game, and the audio completely immerses you into the horrifying depths of The Sprawl. Horror games are all about atmosphere, and Dead Space 2 recreates it so well that you actually feel yourself shivering and on the edge of your seat.   

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive 2 Review-The adrenaline pumping car racing series returns to the roads with Test Drive Unlimited 2- a game that integrates persistent online mode with the single-player campaign, in a bid to satisfy a lot gearheads. The game begins with your character partying at a beach house in Ibiza and subsequently going for drive in Ferrari, only to be rudely awakened from this dream sequence by snappy TV show host. She wants you to drive her to her destination, and ends up putting you on her car-racing show. From then on, it’s all about high-tailing through the long, winding streets of lbiza and Oahu, as you struggle to make dream of driving that Ferrari a reality.

The game employs leveling system and allows you to earn experience points to reach up to 60 levels. Leveling up is further divided into four unique categories. You get points for completing car races and challenges, discovering new shops, maps and locations, acquiring new cars and homes, and socializing with other players online. Select your favorite car from available car list.
test drive unlimited 2
test drive unlimited 2 review
As you gain ranks, more challenges are unlocked in the form of Asphalt, Off-Road and Classic car championships. Unfortunately, the online component that is supposed to give players a seamless driving experience, fails to perform adequately, with frequent server downtimes. Once you get online through, the game becomes an open playground abuzz with life-thanks to a solid multiplayer design.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 dlc has a more technical approach to racing than what most players are accustomed to. While it is not as demanding as the Gran Turismo or Forza games, it will take you some time to adjust to its controls.
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Overall, however, they feel natural, sparing some extremely annoying moves due to the awkward physics. Accurately recreating the islands of Ibiza and Oahu, Test Drive Unlimited 2 looks great with its stunning locations, weather effects and car details. Unfortunately, the game suffers from stuttering frame rates. In the audio department, the game captures the sound of revving engines and tire screeches very well; and there are tow radios stations that play present tracks that are bound to be stuck in your head. The voice work, however, could have improved.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 ultimately boils down to an interesting experience, with some of the world’s fastest cars in a myriad of exotic locations.You can download the trail version. The game requires some patience, but if you allow yourself, you might enjoy a lot of what this title has to offer. The cheats PS3 or Xbox 360 available over  the internet.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dark Souls Review

Any game can offer some cheap scares. It takes a special character to scare you. Dark Souls is one such game. This is a reflection in the atmosphere and mysterious adventure role-playing game that challenges your mind and courage.

Dark Souls plays by his own rules, and in so doing, provides an unforgettable adventure that permeates your being and invades your mind. It is a historical game, to be loved and spoken by anyone who has the pleasure to unravel its mysteries.

Dark Souls is a dungeon crawler in the third person fighting with accurate and responsive. You create a character, select a category and enter a realm filled with dark horrors of the undead, gargoyles screaming, and covered with iron knights. The tutorial introduces you to the terrors of imminent great way.
dark souls
Demon Souls is a collection of great levels attached to a hub area; Dark Souls is one massive field, separated into distinct regions. You can not explore with impunity, however: some areas open to you when you beat bosses.
dark souls review
dark souls weapons
Dark Souls convince you to stay, promising new perspectives and new creatures to kill ogle. The greatest scourge on this earth is the inconsistent frame rate. This is not an issue everywhere, but things get rough in some areas. The slowdown is not likely to affect your exploration, but it is notable enough to stand out.

Each enemy attack differently, with some taking advantage of openings for trimming away, if not all, of your health bar. However, smooth animations and sound effects clear signal of the movement's most powerful, allowing you to block correctly or the deployment of the way. Fortunately, the fighting is heavy and accurate, which is why Dark Souls feels fair and rarely cheap. In all some cases, collision detection is perfect.
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Death also means losing the souls that you have in your possession. Souls are the currency of the game and are used to level up, buy equipment, upgrade your weapons and armor, the procurement of new spells, and more. If you want to recover these lost souls, you must return to the blood stain marks the floor when you exhale.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rage PC Game

The post-apocalyptic future is looking pretty good. When you go under the brilliant, cloud-studded sky of a world in ruins, Rage proclaimed artistic prowess. As you drive along dirt roads through narrow canyons between Hard scrabble outposts of civilization, every element of the environment from POPs with thoughtful details. As you converse with the people you meet, their faces expressive and believable dialogue make you eager to hear what they say next time.

The first hours of the launch of PC Rage were struggling with, and numerous still remain of this writing. Nvidia cards are always subject to the screen tearing, while the AMD cards have issues with the character animations freezing and wonky. You need to find out   to determine the best drivers for your system, and even then you may be stuck suffering through a few pips. There are not many graphics settings to tweak here and even on high settings, Rage is incompatible. Some textures look great, while others are blurred and urbane closer. These technical deficiencies in the PC version are less than their counterpart’s consoles, but the excellent artistic design still shines through, raging play attractive and appealing.
Rage Game

It's a world where a sweet young lady, you sign on a flight out of the beheading, and the mayor blown-up sends you on a delivery run to a doctor twisting hands and possibly sensitive familiar mechanical. Rage characters are so charismatic that you will probably be disappointed when your end of conversations and will be forward to the next interaction.

Towns and villages where you will find these people are richly detailed, just waiting to be explored. Watching the players are rewarded with a raft of sensitive artistic touches, including some references to some cute iconic video game. As you travel outside of these tax havens around the spacious surroundings, you have the skeletal remains of highways and industrial complexes in the midst of striking sandstone cliffs and scrub vegetation. While the landscape looks fantastic generally large, many small details are missing elements, which can create an unpleasant contrast when you are taking in the sights.
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Not all people are friendly Wasteland, however. Bunches of bandit have occupied house in their own small communities, and each group has its own style, combat tactics, and interior decorations. Keep an eye in these dens not only gives you an idea of ??how your enemies live, but can also provide ammunition, guns, collectible cards, and lots of trash that can be sold or used to build useful items from the patterns that you acquire. A timely boost bandage or health can harden to a tough fight, while a blade or wingstick combined robotic spider can add firepower critical to your case. Your enemies bandits shoot accurately and use of cover, while your enemies mutants just run headlong to you, although with some of the amazing evasive maneuvers.
rage pc game release
Rage PC Game
Road Rage in a maximum of four riders can compete in several different modes that reward good driving and shooting skills. Some demolition derbies are straight-up, while others require you to enter or meteor fallen race through checkpoints while avoiding attacks from your opponents. Road Rage is a rather shallow, despite the variety of vehicles and weapons that you unlock as you level up, but it's a good diversion if you want competition. You can also team up Online two-player cooperative missions that are very similar to some of the solo missions you embark on the campaign.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bastion Game

Bastion is a game that is confident in what it has to offer and for good reason. It is a beautifully detailed action RPG that does not waste your time with anything less than its best. Simplicity and variety permeate the entire game to create a personalized experience that lets you wildly always excited for what is coming up next. Constant steps to end on a high note and the number of ways that you can change your character are huge. There is much to discover in the Bastion, and even after you've seen everything, there is still a game that is hard to put down.

With your very first steps in this damaged world springs to life as pieces of old bridges, stairs and streets reform to your feet with a small piece of the bastion The Kid is on his back. In addition to its visual aspect, this technique is very subtle and hard before using the player directly on your progress.
bastion game
Combat requires you to stay light on your feet. His challenge comes from the spatial awareness and knowing that aims to strike first. Extents only s many enemies attacking in swarms as far as the world's Bastion will rise around you. Some, other fixed constant strings of shells that can box you into a corner. Throughout your time in the Bastion enemies new and varied are introduced. To survive, the game forces you to act quickly and go after those who may take the hurt with a variety of different weapons.

The child may bring along two weapons at any given time, and a secret technique. You earn new weapons to equip at a steady pace throughout, and each has its advantages. Using configuring the mouse and keyboard on the PC also provides additional accuracy with ranged weapons. Using the mouse, you can quickly and easily online to fire against distant targets.
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Upgrade your help with weapons too. Each weapon has five levels of updates, with each level broken in two improvements. The first part of the hammer is a choice between more damage or critical weapon unlocks chance. Each also hit his own challenge phase. These steps to test your martial prowess and you learn some new tricks every weapons-if they are random. The best are puzzles that require you to destroy targets in the habits of certain earn the fastest time.

The experience and earnings levels Kid up, which unlocks slots to fit you in various tonics. Switching between the tonics can improve the statistics of your character, enable it to carry more items, or provide other benefits. Instead of giving you a head start, you can also make things more difficult, citing the various deities in the sanctuary. Activation of each layer an additional challenge, as well as increasing the amount of experience you earn.
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bastion PC
All of this preparation pays off when you venture into the world below. Each step wastes little time you get into the action, and they all play a little differently. We could have you racing through a station to collapse while the scores of enemies flying at your heels. However chew, the game is not clear exactly how your score is calculated. The instructions state that your score depends on how many members you have invoked the pantheon, but it seems that some members influence the score more than others.You can download free trail from website.

Bastion of the world is brought to life with some truly exceptional hand-painted environments. Each bit of style decor is full of little touches that add to magical vibe of the game. Anyone can be filled with color; its pastel colors will highlight a dark tale that grows darker and darker as you progress.

Deus Ex Human Revolution PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of those rare: a first person shooter / stealth / spy / RPG hybrid that allow you to overcome obstacles that you see fit. You can shoot your way past the sentries patrolling. But perhaps you prefer them sneak unnoticed, silently beating as you go; hack an electronic lock on a side entrance, or find a hidden vent and shimmy your way inside. Neither shooting nor stealth is the best in class and a number of defects disrupt your suspension of disbelief. But even if the details do not stand up to examination, taken together, Human Revolution is an excellent game with a disturbing vision of the future we face.

In this future, the increase of man has changed the way we live. Increase Technology makes the happiest among us stronger, faster, and believes that the increase hardier. Some is the next step in evolution; others think it strips us of our humanity. There are many companies that research and manufacture such technology and Sarif Industries is one of them. Sarif rehabilitated with the help of Adam increases, turning Adam in man and machine: something beyond man. As Adam, you will discover who was behind the attack and what, exactly, they tried to find it.
deus ex human revolution
If you played the original Deus Ex, you will enjoy seeing the origins of the crisis to come before the nanotechnology revolution still human condition. The visual design does a great job preparing the ground for these tensions. Color Palette Human Revolution made frequent use of gold and black, resulting in eye-catching visual contrasts. The honeycomb design extending across its exterior neon yellow is not only striking but also similar to the elements interface associated with increases. This type of visual and thematic coherence is common and creates an atmosphere of cohesion, even trotting across the globe.

On the PC, the game performs well but seems a little dated. But it is a case in which the art design good overcomes the technology that makes it. The game is about people as well on the scene, and he did a big work of giving his character grit. And environments and so you do story missions and side quests in those cities, where hobos huddled around burning barrels for heat and private security companies to intimidate the local population. You will find answers to a grieving mother, publicly humiliate a murderer loose, and seek hacker. Players dangerous blood increases skin should appreciate that increase your armor to reduce recoil, increase space inventory, and improve resistance to concussion grenades.
deus ex human revolution PC gamer review
deus ex human revolution review
The shooting mechanics are good but not exceptional. The cover system works well, but even with upgrades skin, you are still quite fragile to feel in danger when you engage the enemy. You do not have to shoot anyone on your way through this installation above, however. There are good reasons to take the road non-lethal. One is that you gain additional experience to let your enemies live, another is that it is more satisfying than sneaking shooting.

You can see the numbers enemies through walls, see their cones of view on the mini-map, or mark them with seeds to make them easier to follow. But even as sneaking, you can feed your thirst for violence with a melee attack. If you're feeling generous, you can clobber your enemy, but let him live and earn some extra experience points for your kindness.
Your targets can teleport to a new location for a film or clip through a wall or another enemy. Meanwhile, all other characters in your field of vision are frozen in place as if time has come to a temporary halt. These foibles aside, take downs are a satisfactory way to release tension that builds up naturally as you carefully inch ahead. And there are other gains rewarding stealth success.
deus ex human revolution PC review
deus ex human revolution PC version
deus ex human revolution demo
If you prefer your charming way past obstacles, you can enjoy the related increase, which reveals details about the personality of your conversation partner, among other useful functions. Adam himself did not infuse those discussions with lots of character. In addition, your decisions determine which of the multiple endings of the game you receive. On the back, a little side quests require you to hack into the bars of a particular level, which could frustrate action-oriented players who want to give up the quest, but do not want to be forced to buy increases they do not particularly want.

You slide on the roof like an angel in a cyberpunk world on the verge of technological breakthroughs and socioeconomic disasters, and to discover conspiracies and more unlikely places. The more you play, the more the story catches you and you will appreciate the customization of the game. Hybrid games like this are rare.You can download game free demo from official site.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pirates of Black Cove Game

Pirates of black Cove's colored vibe is evident from the start. You select one of several different heroes and go to the defeat of the mean ol 'pirates title game by joining the three factions of the Caribbean islands. On the way, you meet a voodoo priestess, a witch toothless, a governor Fraidy-cat, and other deliciously exaggerated caricatures.

Pirates of Black Cove is full of character. It's just not a lot of fun. The three factions swashbuckling send you on various missions, most of which relate to the sea sailing and cooking your guns of enemy ships or cruise to different islands and engaging rascals on earth. Anyway, what seems at first like simple pleasure, turns sour when you realize just how easy and glitchy are two aspects of the game. 
Pirates of Black Cove
The game begins as a small crowd of units eventually becomes a big one. But if you're in the first hour of play or 10, the battle is always the same: select all your units and click on the enemies until they die. There is no question that you recruit units return to base. It does not matter if you activate the power of a special unit of the hero. To win, you select all your boastful swordsmen and click. 
Pirates of Black Cove Review
Lower your expectations. Even the foundations of a RTS is not made here. The pathfinding is a disaster. Units to be caught on the rocks, are struggling to navigate around corners and sometimes in circles. Meanwhile, the friendly and enemy units as can clips directly into various objects, including those you are supposed to attack, such as guns. When your rivals sullen walk in the geometry of this kind, you can not click on them. 
Pirates of Black Cove Game
Seafaring also brings its fair share of anything. You can return to the basics quicktravel pirate, but to reach mission objectives means to navigate your ship expanses of ocean with little to break the monotony. There are some battles here, but they suffer from the same problem that seeps into the ground missions, they are too easy. 
Pirates of Black Cove Preview
Pirates of Black Cove Gameplay
The sailor suffering from botched execution, too. AI and pathfinding is still a problem. Enemy ships can not always understand how to navigate the reefs or even how to get around each other. And so they ram into the ground again and again, or perhaps mid clip in it. This problem can be downright hysterical in escort missions to ships multiple bump against each other and getting caught between the land surface. 

Perhaps a certain depth of gameplay could have helped the veil of the fundamental problems. You collect items such as octopus eyes and marine plants while browsing around. In a faction-based, you can have these handsets in the articles that make you become invisible, or make your boat go faster, among other effects.


Somewhere between life and death is limbo, a nightmarish place where the weak rays of light flashing at the top are swallowed by the black ink shades. A young boy, brave but ill-equipped to survive in this hostile place, is trapped in this dream world, locked in the safe reality. Dangerous creatures, hostile natives, and deadly traps populate this mysterious plan of existence, which makes the survival of the only concrete goal to reach.

The opening scene plunges you into this world, without any explanation of your situation. You play as a young child who is found lying on his back in a foreign country which is far from welcoming. He is almost featureless, appearing as a black silhouette which often coincides with the dark environment, you must travel through. Its distinctive feature is its only shining white eyes. These flashes of light are always visible, making it the only part of his body, you can recognize, even when the rest of the screen is totally black.
Limbo Game
Aesthetics sifted more than compensate for the lack of an elaborate tale, subtle hooks using simple audio and visual to guide you further your way for. Limbo is made entirely in shades of black and white. You walk through the dense forests, cities, decrepit and abandoned factories, which all contain and feel sorry, creating a disturbing sense of entrapment.
Limbo  PC Game
You have a small repertoire of movements to help you stay alive in this 2D puzzle / platform hybrid. A small jump allows you to clear small gaps, some objects can be pushed or pulled, and you can climb or swing ropes. You too deeply submerging in water, falling from a high ledge, or contact one of the many traps will kill you instantly, you referring to the previous checkpoint.
Limbo Game Review
The puzzles in limbo are rarely difficult, but they take a bit of thought to complete, and it is eminently satisfactory to understand and continue your path. Trial and error is a strong component because death often springs from unexpected places.
Limbo Game Online
limbo gameplay
Limbo asks the questions of death against life and reality from dream, but it is not their answer. It matters that are important here, and you're left to contemplate the meaning of this world for yourself.