Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Keeping in line with various successful puzzle-centric games released on the Nintendo DS so far, Capcom has release yet another spectacular sequel title in the form of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. The game begins with main character, Sissel, “waking up” to find that he dead and now just corporeal spirit. Playing as Sissel, you have the ability to interact with inanimate objects within a limited range, and go back four minutes in the past to alter the future. 

Since Sissel suffers from amnesia as well, and can’t remember who he is or why he was killed, he ventures on a quest to protect Lynne, a young detective who is investigating  his murder, and detective ho is investigating his murder, and is also suspect for it. During the course of the game, he saves lives and rescues Lynne on numerous occasions. 
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The game’s story relies heavily on text-based interactions, similar to that of Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright, and has an interesting mix of characters, ranging from a near-sighted assassin, to a Pomeranian with incredible zeal. All of these elements tie into the story very well-from humorous and entertaining interludes to the more thought provoking puzzles you encoder.

The games’ basic mechanics allow you to “possess” and subsequently control inanimate objects to achieve your goal. In order to do this, players must enter a world where time freezes as they figure out the correct combination of tricks to pull off and cross that level. However, players can only travel within a certain radius from an object, and must connect the radii of multiple objects to travel longer distances. If they make a mistake, players can always turn back time and go back to the beginning of the puzzle.
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Once the player figures out the right moves to advance in the game, its design comes across as addictive bringing immense gratification. The visuals are smooth and well-rendered, and lend a degree of personality to the eclectic cast. Also, the environments cleverly mask the different tools that are used within the game, adding a level of intrigue. You will be surprised to see the plethora of secrets that an area hold once you switch to the ghost mode. 

As a whole, Ghost Trick spins a tale that is both comically far-fetched, and refreshingly enjoyable.  It compels you to solve the in-game challenges with your own creative vision. For those who enjoy “mental yoga” and clever puzzle-solving, the game certainly does not dsapont.