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Need for Speed: Shift strikes in a completely different direction, moving the target audience of the game since the typical person who just wants to nail the accelerator and hope for something better that involves actually using the brakes and attempt driving the car realistically. Instead of integration within games like Burnout or Ridge Racer, Shift is an attempt to move into the territory of simulation, the puck a little closer to games like Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport and Project Gotham Racing. PMP is probably the most direct comparison to Shift, as the latter tries NFS version straddles the line between authenticity and accessibility. Although he derives from this aspect out pretty well, other parts of Need for Speed: Shift not stack up. So you are left with a game that feels like he can not get an idea on what he wants to be, and there is no one thing particularly well.

The first thing you do when you turn on Need for Speed: Shift is quickly running short track. Meanwhile, the game gauges your performance and decide the level of difficulty and assistance you may need to enjoy the game.There are aids for steering and braking, and more things like the real world Antilock brakes, traction control, stability control and. You can also decide if you want damage impact on the performance of your car and, of course, you can switch to manual transmission.
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Much of this is due to how the rewards of the game are structured. From the beginning, the game makes a big deal about your driving style and he introduced more precision compared to the assault. On the track, that means that some things you do will earn you points of accuracy, while others gain aggression. Both of them end up filling your level of conduct that gives you extra cash and other bonuses as you level up. But the differences are minor.The real problem is that even if you stomp around the track without worrying about your opponents and pass with as much brute force as much as possible, it becomes extremely difficult to earn points aggression once you're at the front of the pack.
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There are also some cases where the physical off.For just feel the last segment of the game, you will be able to race in cars like these, and how I can drive, it feels like I 'I smuggled forklift very fast on the track.

The game is structured into levels that are filled with different events, such as standard strokes, turn the challenges of time, things evolve, and so on. Each event allows you to earn stars based on your performance and you need more stars to unlock later levels. Each of the four floors has its own set of cars, but you can buy upgrades for the cars competitive levels remain low in the later races. Once you've earned 280 stars, you can take on the latest racing game, NFS World Tour Live.
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The game has many cars and tracks. The graphics are solid, with models of super cars. It has a cool online duel mode driver that lets you work your way up a ladder to win championships road race. Improvements car, but not named with the manufacturers of real coins come in stages so you can continue working on a low-level car, if thats your desire. Or you can put in place for a super car. You can adjust the car with either a set of simple sliders or an advanced mode that allows you to enter and adjust the angles of the wings and so on.
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Minimum system requirements:
• Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
• 1 GB of RAM (2 GB for Vista)
• Video card with support for pixel shader version 3 and 256 MB of video
• 10 GB of free space on hard drive
• Operating system Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1

Recommended system requirements:

• Intel Core 2 Due 2,5 GHz
• 2 GB of RAM (3 GB for Vista)
• Video card with support for pixel shader version 3 and 512 MB of video
• 10 GB of free space on hard drive
• Operating system Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1