Friday, August 20, 2010

Warhammer Dawn of War II -Full Rip

Warhammer Dawn of War II Review:Dawn of war 2 developed by award winning Relic Entertainment.In Dawn of War II game ushers in a new chapter in the acclaimed Real-Time Strategy series, taking players to the brutal front lines of war to lead an elite strike force on a mission to save the galaxy. It is the 41st Millennium in Sub-Sector Aurelia , a cluster of worlds on the edge of the Galaxy and a battle of epic proportions is about to begin. Ancient races will clash across the planets that dot this section of space, battling for the greatest of stakes not only the claim to the land and its bounty but the fate of each race.
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Warhammer Dawn of the war ii system requirements is minimum dual core system with 1 GB memory and also graphics card required for this game.Warhammer Dawn of war ii trainer is also include in full version can free download Warhammer dawn of War ii full version online.

Bionic Commando Rearmed

Bionic Commando Rearmed sees a return of the intense 2D side-scrolling, shooting, and grappling action from the much-loved 1988 Bionic Commando PC on the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Bionic Commando Rearmed brings the amazing game play up to date with stunning new visuals, new weapons, online rankings, a reworked musical score, and the addition of a two-player co-op mode. The game will also provide cross-game interoperability, given that completing parts of Bionic Commando Rearmed will unlock new content and provide secret insight into the characters and plot of the brand-new Bionic Commando sequel coming later in 2008. Game Rating: 8.2 Number of Players: 1-2 Number of Online Players: 4 Online.Bionic Commando rearmed has also been launched and soon will be updated on this site.You can also download Bionic Commando torrent from torrent sites.Bionic Commando trainer is included in the game.
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Bionic Commando System Requirements:
  • Operating System:Microsoft (R) Windows (R) XP (Service Pack 2) / Microsoft (R) Windows (R) Vista
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2 Ghz / AMD XP 2200
  • Memory:1GB RAM
  • Space: 650 MB free hard drive space
  • Graphics: 128 MB DirectX (R) 9c
  • Graphics Card:Compatible card / nVIDIA (R) GeForce 6600 GT / or ATI equivalent
  • Sound: DirectX (R) 9 compatible sound card
  • Misc:Internet connection and Keyboard

Club Control 2 Game

Club Control 2 Review: Bring a party to the wilderness in this Time Management game, and rock the Paradise Islands like never before in Club Control 2 Help Kattie expand across sunny islands, gorgeous oceans, and beautiful mountains. Create different clubs and upgrade your equipment to earn tons of money while you keep the party spirit alive.Choose different styles of music and decorate accordingly to keep your customers happy in Club Control 2.Club Control 2 free download is available below.Club Control 2 cheats are also available on internet.
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  • Awesome environment
  • Unique upgrades
  • Rock the Paradise Islands

Friday, August 6, 2010


Alien Shooter 2 Conscription is the continuation of the first two game, which represents a unique blend of two genres of action and RPG. The Great War has begun! Crowds of monsters destroying the city and capture the territory.
The situation on the front line reached a critical point and there is nowhere to wait for help.Fight against the alien, the epicenter of the war. The outcome of the struggle depends on you.Alien Shooter 2 cheats are available over the internet.

  • System: Windows XP(sp2), Vista
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 at 2.0GHz
  • Memory: 512 Mb
  • Video: 128 Mb

Thursday, August 5, 2010


The Saints Row 2 Game is about the gangs, tons of firearms, shiny chrome cars, rolling hip-hop bass, liters of testosterone and adrenaline which all carefully mixed in correct proportions only in the gangsta-action movie "Saints Row 2". Still waters streets of the town are not much different from the present: the issue here addressed firefights, and the only thing that has value is what they say about you people.Saints row 3 will also be updated soon.
saints row 2
A ruthless war, in which will be decided who will be a full-fledged master stone jungle will start this fall! In its short history, a series of visits Saints Row PCs for the first time. Saints Row 2 PC Game, first part came out two years ago on the Xbox 360 and rasskazyvala of an unnamed member of gangsters koy grouping 3rd Street Saints, a business of the territory of the fictional city of Stilwater. Po svoey concept of a virtual "sandbox" Saints Row is more reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto.Saints Row 2 Cheat and Saints Row2 crack is also include with below download.You can free download Saints Row 2.
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  • Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Processor: 3.2 GHz Dual-Core (Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon X2)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Video Card: 256 MB 3D Video Card with Shader Model 3.0 Support (Nvidia GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD3850 or better)
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible 16-bit Sound Card
  • Broadband Connection for Internet Multi player
  • Free space on hard disk: 12 GB

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a hit for space BioWare RPG (RPG) Game. Mass Effect 2 is a single player adventure.Mass Effect 2 allows players to continue the adventures of series fully customizable Hero Commander Shepard as you take on an entirely new adventure and new voices in support of the sign. Additional new features include the ability to import save game files from the original game. Mass Effect to continue the adventure in a continuous fashion, a new system for damage, a new, more flexible dialogue and game mechanic.Mass effect 2 system requirement is little bit heavy.
Cerberus has concluded a service of Kasumi Goto, most mysterious master thief in the galaxy. In return for its assistance, Kasumi Shepherd sought the assistance of a dangerous prey to penetrate the vault of the deadly master criminal named Donovan Hock.Mass effect 2 trainer is available in this download. Bass Kasumi loyalty planet Bekenstein, which Hock was throwing the party for the galaxy of the richest and most deranged Criminal Minds data recovery important for Kasumi ... and whole as a galaxy.Mass Effect 2 torrent and Mass effect 2 cheat available on the internet.

Mass Effect 2
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Another DLC's That u can add to your game:
  • Kasumi's Stolen Memory
  • Fire walker
To play this add on pls play with Update.1.01 installed on your PC.

1. Extract RARs (in winrar)
2. Run game go to Extras > Options Online Turn off game play feedback and auto connect.
3. Exit the game.
4. Install all DLC (Exe files).
5. Copy Mass Effect 2 directory to your windows profile \Your User\My Documents\BioWare\
6. Enjoy