Thursday, November 26, 2009

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The original Left 4 Dead is to survive a zombie outbreak someone more fun thought possible. The formula was dead simple four survivors against an endless horde of infected, but the drawings star map and fight against perfectly balanced truly made for tense moments. It quickly became a staple line and now the sequel is here to provide more opportunities to hunt the herd infected.

Although most games are both a solo and multiplayer component, the fact is they are one or the other, the two modes are often included in complete list of features, but often a game is either a single-player game with multiplayer transferred or, as was the case with Left 4 Dead, a title whose only player multiplayer component is nothing more than an extended warm-up for the festivities online.
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Left 4 Dead 2
It was quite obvious from the outset that Left 4 Dead is a multiplayer game of his heart and while playing in the single player campaign has some interesting moments, trying to survive the "infected" Apocalypse alone is unwise not to Only in real life but in the game as well. It is a fact Valve takes to heart with their retinue, Left 4 Dead 2, a title that does not reinvent the wheel left 4 dead so as retreading. L4D2 feels incredibly similar to the first: You begin each campaign, which is presented as a "movie" that broke her scenes in playable levels, four survivors of an outbreak of any human infection.
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The latest unusual units also impure insert a number of many required variety to the gameplay. You will watch the return of the Wiley Hunter, barfing Boomer, the giant reservoir, goose bumps Witch and the muggy tongued Smoker, except they are now attached with latest infections that seem particularly designed to help separate and isolate survivors.
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In a memorable match, a blinded Boomer vomit my entire team, allowing a rider to steer me towards a good death acids. This kind of coordination and teamwork is survive until the end of the home security level much more difficult and much more exciting.

As a prelude to the launch of Left 4 Dead 2, boycotters Internet anger condemned the game to be a quick cash-grab new IP on a success, but after getting my hands on the product itself, it is clear that hysteria was just unnecessary. Frankly, I would not just play multiplayer in the five new campaigns, if only because the levels in each "film" is longer and that everything in the first game and give you more options to explore.