Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Portal 2 Game

The visual presentation of Portal 2 has improved. This is not a big improvement, but compared to the engine used on the first game, Portal 2 has many more details to its environment, for example, robots are GLaDOS little better prepared, and the edges of the environment are more clear. Portal 2 takes place in the science lab Aperture again. Levels and rooms that players go through rehearsal rooms and environments, but they are expected, it is a laboratory, after all.

Portal 2 humor witty and gripping story that made the first part of this success. Followed by a companion named Wheatley, the main objective of the player is to avoid the installation and removal GLaDOS again. Over the next eight to ten hours of playing time in the campaign mode of Portal 2, the mystery thickens and is based on the first game. Portal 2 is satisfactory end and we can not wait for the third game. Thank you to the phenomenal voice acting, the game is credible and immerses players in the experiment. Wait Wheatley sarcasm, sadism, paranoia and entertain you from beginning to end.
There are many rooms that must be resolved and players can expect over 50 + levels throughout the game. The difficulty of each level is fairly well balanced and should not be so difficult to solve. In the first half of the game, the levels are easier to fill, but as the player progresses, the difficulty increases and the puzzles require a lot more thought. Expect to move blocks, use the portals, channels and do more to solve these puzzles.

A perfect complement to Portal 2 is the co-op mode of the game. The single player and co-op Portal 2 have two different campaigns. In the co-op mode, levels are more difficult than the single player and it is strongly suggested for newcomers to play in single player first to have a taste of the mechanics of the game is online co-op The main feature of Portal 2 and adds lots of replay ability. Simply because the player beats the campaign does not mean the game is over! Players can work together to solve puzzles, and with the voice, it is easier to play together.

Anomaly Warzone Earth PC Game

Warzone anomaly Earth is one of those rather dependency and encourage games that can pull you and you hold for long periods of time. Normally I'm not that much of the strategy of a player, but even if I have to admit that I have a ton of fun with this game

One thing that really set it apart from other anomaly if the way it is played; normal strategy games require you to crush the opposition. However, you need anomaly lot more thought, you should plan your route, and quickly adjust in real time as barriers can form in your way. You must do everything you can get your team from point A to point B without major problems. Of course, sometimes you can encounter enemies while on your way to collect some things you need, but that was to be expected. The enemies are fairly simple and sometimes easy to conquer, but there are times when you really are exceeded and require a lot of time spent watching your convoy to ensure that you constantly repairing them.

Players also have the opportunity to purchase more units and upgrade. I immediately fell in love with robots, despite them being slow and prone to die quickly. I found that a fully upgraded crawler is best for a given situation, and I just loved how they looked and interacted with the environment.
The graphics power is big thing in games today, it seems that games that do not appear in 1080HD they are instantly overlooked. I love for this examination was abnormal in a few different resolutions to see if it still looked just as good as I thought. So I had to go dust off my old CRT monitor HUGE (you know, glorified toaster) and played the game at 800 × 450 resolution of about half past one. Much to the surprise of all, it still looked very good, despite the low resolution and former instructor. I then played the game in high resolution and again looked perfect, so he plays on the highest resolution was better than expected. Graphically, the anomaly is a beast in itself, seems flawless, great textures, and lighting is superb. I do not expect anything more from 11bits Studios. Nice work on the power of a great game.

Overall, I must say congratulations to everyone at 11bits Studios for giving me such a fun game, I can play for hours. Warzone anomaly Earth is a great game and I hope it will not be neglected in the gaming community because it is a new face to a kind of deterioration.