Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy Review-You know what happens when a piece of meat cube size meets cutting blades. The result ends with a large splash of blood. This is what I experienced many times while playing Super Meat Boy. Levels seemed Slaughterhouses Super Meat Boy found himself face to face with the games' many dangerous obstacles. After counting the hundreds and hundreds of deaths throughout the game thinks that Super Meat Boy was crazy to sacrifice himself so horribly. It turns out that Super Meat Boy is in love with Bandage Girl. Dr. Fetus, which is basically a small baby in a mechanical suit with a tie and a hat. He hates Super Meat Boy and Girl kidnaps bandage. It's Super Meat Boy to save the love of his life. The story is not particularly original but that's OK. The main goal of the game is its platform and that is frankly brutal. Super Meat Boy will face strong swirling blades, balls of fire, salt, missiles, collapsing platforms, etc. The end of each level has a boss battle that requires the reader to memorize attacks models .

Graphics of the game is simple yet still have a certain charm to them, whether the characters, environments, obstacles, or splashes of blood. The characters in the game to move with fluidity and this is particularly the case for Super Meat Boy himself. It leaves trails of blood as it passes through each level. How each level is designed is really impressive. Just when you think you've seen everything the game can offer, we end up falling on something else that is more dangerous, but is also impressive at the same time. The game features some very nice cut scenes that reference Street Fighter, Fight Club, Megaman, etc.The soundtrack of the game is awesome.

The mechanics are fairly simple. Super Meat Boy can run, jump and cling to the walls to do so after many dangers of the game There is no power-ups and no health. If Super Meat Boy is hit once, he is dead meat and I mean that literally. Game controls are very strong if you play on PC, PS3 or Xbox 360. Super Meat Boy started life as a flash game that was created by Edmund McMillen and Jonathan McEntee. The updated version is made by the team of meat and is better than the original. quick reflexes and timing accuracy is required to win the game. If a player manages to beat level par over time, it will unlock a level of "Dark World", which is even more brutal and exciting. The levels themselves are not very long and can be beaten in under 30 seconds. There are dressings to collect, which unlock characters such as, Gish (Gish), Commander Video (from bits. Trip), Alien Hominid (Alien Hominid), Tim (Braid), characters, etc. makes some Releasing levels a bit easier, but the acquisition of the characters is a challenge in itself. The dressings can also be difficult to acquire as well. The game will challenge even experienced plat formers. Levels can be ignored, but the bosses face to advance in the game
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There is no real dialogue during the cut scenes, but the story is presented so hilarious. Levels of functionality and lively music. It would have been nice if there was a dialogue given to the characters. The characters are funny and some pleasant personality, but some dialog would have been a nice touch.

Super Meat Boy is a difficult task, but rewarding platform. The graphics are simple but charming. The game has great music. He cut scenes hilarious. It has some nice unlock. The incentive to beat the par time gives a sense of accomplishment. The characters are charming and funny. It offers lots of play money. Team Meat can be a video game company independent, but they created a true masterpiece. It can not compete with the titles of major industry names, but it is impressive regardless. Super Meat Boy can be a piece of meat difficult to chew, but it's worth a juicy bite.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 Review-Dead Space 2 takes place on the spreading, a city built on a fragment of Titan on one of Saturn, moons of the participant. The game, the opening of the participant characteristics Issac Clarke to the hospital with no memory of what happened over the last three years. He suffers from dementia and is haunted by the death of her friend Nicole. Franco the protagonist of Dead Space ignition is killed, as he is about to break their Issac. Then Issac was contacted by a woman named Daina that guides the path. From that moment Issac is a desperate struggle to combat the deadly Necromorphs. Does not game, without lose a second to throw enemies at you. It is always frenetic and intense. Issac can hack devices that gives players time to take a break from all the chaos.

The gameplay is still solid in the second round. He has a lack of HUD, as the original. Move in Gravity Zero-G has been greatly improved. Issac can move in an angle of 360 degrees, whereas in the original, he had to point to a specific platform to jump to and was very limited in movement. It can also swing around with a jet pack. You can always upgrade weapons and armor through the shop. You still have the Plasma Cutter, Rivet Gun and flamethrowers. Well, my personal preference is the detonator and the Gun Javelin. The Gun Javelin damage done twice with a single blow (impaled first, then shocks) gives the weapon more potential damage. With the clash of spears, you can also set up an ambush of enemies if you know where they appear. The detonator is basically a grenade launcher with the ability to fire laser-sticky mines. Issac Clarke can still stomp on enemies. It will be necessary to press the E button if an enemy grabs hold of him. ISN Backtracking, is not frequently than in the original which is a great thing.

The graphics were great in the original game and even better in Dead Space 2. The characters and Necromorphs more details about them and move very realistically. The environments are very detailed and frightening. Blood is paid by the number of gallons. Strategic dismemberment is even more horrible and is very satisfactory. It is also much greater in the environments you explore in relation to the original. Gravity Zero-G seems fine. The PC version has more graphics options that make the game even better. PC requirements are very similar to the original, but you are required to have a decent enough machine to run the game

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The audio is really good. It has solid voice work from the characters. This time Issac Clarke who actually talks is a good thing. Sounds worrying that the Necromorphs do is disturbing and adds to the already claustrophobic experience. The soundtrack is also scary. Weapons sounds are very realistic and enjoyable.

Dead Space 2 is an awesome looking.You can download its demo from website.The audio is creepy and haunting. The gameplay and mutilation are very strong. He has a long single player campaign. It has a fun multiplayer mode. Its great trying to find out what horror awaits you at the next turn. If you are seeking an unsettling experience and curdle the blood, then you're in the right place. Visceral Games has once again raised the bar for the survivor / horror. Dead Space 2 is more intense and frightening than the original. It may well be the best horror game of survivor / so far.