Thursday, June 17, 2010


Lucidity Game Review-Lucidity Game Pc, From the team that re-imagined " he Secret of Monkey Island???", comes Lucidity, an addictive Puzzle plat former set in the surreal childlike dream escapes of the little girl Sofi. In Lucidity gameespot challenging puzzler, its your task to keep Sofi safe as she drifts deeper into the strange new World of her Dreams.Lucidity game has featuring stunning hand-illustrated visuals, a spell-binding original score and unique puzzle plat former gameplay, Lucidity game will challenge your wits, test your reflexes and mesmerize your senses.
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Take a trip into the surreal childlike dream scape of Sofi, a little girl filled with a persistent desire to explore new worlds and overcome all obstacles in her way. Test your skills in this addictive puzzle plat former where through quick reactions and placement of unique puzzle pieces, you create a path to help Sofi traverse safely through 27 visually stunning, hand-illustrated dream scapes.
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