Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dead Space 2 Game

Even through it is fairly new, the Dead space series stands out as one of the most terrifying horror games ever made in gaming industry. The first game of this series was released in 2008, and since then, he series catalogues has ranged and a few spin-off games cementing it’s as a powerful new intellectual Property (IP). Dead Space 2 has managed to maintain the high standards of the series, and has delivered an experience that will shock you to core.

Game Plot

The game opens up with Dead Space 2’s protagonist, Isaac Clarke, walking up in a hospital in the Sprawl, a metropolis on one of Saturn’s moon, with no memory of the last three years. After briefly reliving the events of the last, Clarke witnesses the entire stating being thrown into disarray as the Necromorphs the horrific looking corpses begin transforming people.
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The game then throws you into driving seat as you frantically venture across The Sprawl in order to survive and bring the nightmare to an end once again. As in the first game, the plot progresses through audio and video logs that you find along the way, and by interacting with other characters. No longer has a silent protagonist, Clarke now voiced his opinions and interacts with other characters, brining a sense of realism to his character. The game has an enhanced cinematic feel, with increased cut scenes and hallucinations. 
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Dead Space 2 is a linear third-person shooter, where you solve puzzles and navigate environments, while playing a few rounds of survival with the Necromorphs. Exploration is limited to the occasional room with goodies, and you will find save stations, stores, and upgrade benches at strategic locations. New weapons and amour types have been added, and with the limited supply of ammunition, you find yourself experimenting to make the most of your arsenal.   

While a few new enemies have been introduced, they all work around the same principle of “strategic” dismemberment. Even boss battle, while thoroughly engaging and these are recycled throughout the game- the only major difference is the enemies’ ability to use projectiles against you.   
Nevertheless, the model of strategically using your tools to vanquish foes in frenzied situations is highly enjoyable. The focus has largely shifted from being a creepy survival affair to all an all-out action fest, with emphasis on sheer adrenaline-pumping combat rather that suspense.
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Audio and Visuals

When it comes to presentation, Dead Space 2 outshines the excellence of its predecessor. The visuals are crisper and much more defined, animations run smoothly, and there is an excellent use of motion-blur and lighting effects. The absolutely sadistic death sequences bring out the visual finesse of the game, and the audio completely immerses you into the horrifying depths of The Sprawl. Horror games are all about atmosphere, and Dead Space 2 recreates it so well that you actually feel yourself shivering and on the edge of your seat.