Thursday, November 26, 2009

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It is at best a generic FPS, and at worst a mess, almost unplayable. Initially, then-developer Zombie Studios toted a tactical shooter in the third person, Rogue Warrior has changed hands in early 2009 with support Rebellion Developments was not a good thing at all. The project has been stripped of his innovations, including four-player co-op and drop-in/drop-out unique multiplayer maps generated randomly, but rather has been reborn as a good book by first person shooter.

It reminded me a lot of effort earlier rebellion, Shellshock 2: Blood Trails because it shares many of the same persistent problems, including the painfully stupid AI Enemy soldiers will often run right past you or outright ignore, they will also draw directly on the explosive barrels they are standing by when they are not busy playing handball grenade with each other. Add to that the game controls to slow, poor level design and system broken cover, and you have a title that is very obviously in the tank negotiation.
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Rogue Warrior also suffers visually very dated. dark play, dark textures and limited visibility to do a chore, and prominent clipping, slowdown and texture popping serve only further hamper the experience adrenaline-secret ops Rogue Warrior is trying so hard to recreate.
Rogue Warrior game
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Hollywood heavy Mickey Rourke barely earns his salary as a gruff protagonist of the game, sleepwalking through a fragile narrative of the Cold War so overworked with free F-bombs it would be Kevin Smith blush. This is crowned by the death of all too frequent, asymmetric enemies, and multiplayer gameplay glitch barebones coming bands around the idea of ​​fun out of what could have been a great opportunity to explore the Life and Times of a war hero inspiration.
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Instead, Rogue Warrior is a generic shooter, buggy and broken with limited appeal, even for devoted fans of Marcinko and numerous books and novels that have documented his incredible life. In fact, do yourself a favor and pick up books instead Demo Dick, because of a SNAFU Rebellion FPS simply pales in comparison in every way imaginable.