Sunday, September 4, 2011

Deus Ex Human Revolution PC

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of those rare: a first person shooter / stealth / spy / RPG hybrid that allow you to overcome obstacles that you see fit. You can shoot your way past the sentries patrolling. But perhaps you prefer them sneak unnoticed, silently beating as you go; hack an electronic lock on a side entrance, or find a hidden vent and shimmy your way inside. Neither shooting nor stealth is the best in class and a number of defects disrupt your suspension of disbelief. But even if the details do not stand up to examination, taken together, Human Revolution is an excellent game with a disturbing vision of the future we face.

In this future, the increase of man has changed the way we live. Increase Technology makes the happiest among us stronger, faster, and believes that the increase hardier. Some is the next step in evolution; others think it strips us of our humanity. There are many companies that research and manufacture such technology and Sarif Industries is one of them. Sarif rehabilitated with the help of Adam increases, turning Adam in man and machine: something beyond man. As Adam, you will discover who was behind the attack and what, exactly, they tried to find it.
deus ex human revolution
If you played the original Deus Ex, you will enjoy seeing the origins of the crisis to come before the nanotechnology revolution still human condition. The visual design does a great job preparing the ground for these tensions. Color Palette Human Revolution made frequent use of gold and black, resulting in eye-catching visual contrasts. The honeycomb design extending across its exterior neon yellow is not only striking but also similar to the elements interface associated with increases. This type of visual and thematic coherence is common and creates an atmosphere of cohesion, even trotting across the globe.

On the PC, the game performs well but seems a little dated. But it is a case in which the art design good overcomes the technology that makes it. The game is about people as well on the scene, and he did a big work of giving his character grit. And environments and so you do story missions and side quests in those cities, where hobos huddled around burning barrels for heat and private security companies to intimidate the local population. You will find answers to a grieving mother, publicly humiliate a murderer loose, and seek hacker. Players dangerous blood increases skin should appreciate that increase your armor to reduce recoil, increase space inventory, and improve resistance to concussion grenades.
deus ex human revolution PC gamer review
deus ex human revolution review
The shooting mechanics are good but not exceptional. The cover system works well, but even with upgrades skin, you are still quite fragile to feel in danger when you engage the enemy. You do not have to shoot anyone on your way through this installation above, however. There are good reasons to take the road non-lethal. One is that you gain additional experience to let your enemies live, another is that it is more satisfying than sneaking shooting.

You can see the numbers enemies through walls, see their cones of view on the mini-map, or mark them with seeds to make them easier to follow. But even as sneaking, you can feed your thirst for violence with a melee attack. If you're feeling generous, you can clobber your enemy, but let him live and earn some extra experience points for your kindness.
Your targets can teleport to a new location for a film or clip through a wall or another enemy. Meanwhile, all other characters in your field of vision are frozen in place as if time has come to a temporary halt. These foibles aside, take downs are a satisfactory way to release tension that builds up naturally as you carefully inch ahead. And there are other gains rewarding stealth success.
deus ex human revolution PC review
deus ex human revolution PC version
deus ex human revolution demo
If you prefer your charming way past obstacles, you can enjoy the related increase, which reveals details about the personality of your conversation partner, among other useful functions. Adam himself did not infuse those discussions with lots of character. In addition, your decisions determine which of the multiple endings of the game you receive. On the back, a little side quests require you to hack into the bars of a particular level, which could frustrate action-oriented players who want to give up the quest, but do not want to be forced to buy increases they do not particularly want.

You slide on the roof like an angel in a cyberpunk world on the verge of technological breakthroughs and socioeconomic disasters, and to discover conspiracies and more unlikely places. The more you play, the more the story catches you and you will appreciate the customization of the game. Hybrid games like this are rare.You can download game free demo from official site.