Sunday, April 4, 2010


diablo 2
Diablo 2 Game developer Blizzard announced that they would soon be releasing a new expansion pack for their popular Diablo series entitled Diablo 2: Lord of the Dance.

Diablo 2 is about  the expansion that has the homeland of the popular Deckard Cain, Flatland  being invaded by a horde of fleet footed dancers intent on destruction and led by the Lord of the Dance Michael.
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Like the previous expansion Lord of Destruction, Blizzard has retooled character skill sets and introduced two new character classes.
diablo 2

Janet Fitch, lead developer of the game said at Blizzard Entertainment that gamers are going to be really excited to play the Leaper and the Fiddler classes. They have got some great skills. They are also going to be wowed by the Assassin's Plie Attack, the Druid's Dance of Thunder and the Barbarian's Spinning Hip Thrust.