Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Midnight Club 2 Portable

In Midnight club 2 game you will find yourself in the position of a novice challenger, set on entering a secret society of illegal street racing and overshadow all. Choose from the latest performance enhanced cars and bikes and competition face to face to make a name for yourself. Or fight with other players in white knuckle, adrenaline pumping multiplayer modes. Drive around the city. Master evasive tactics to duck authorities. Find the fastest route to win. And earn your place at the top.Midnight club 2 cheat codes can be download from the internet.
Game Features:
  • Midnight Club 2 is a question of unlimited freedom and fun in three separate living cities of Los Angele's, Paris and Tokyo. Open city racing brings a whole new level of intensity compared to the race in the staging, the controlled environment of a runner track based.
  • Eight players online multiplayer action!
  • The Midnight Club is now open to motorbikes. Enjoy a bike size for speed and control through traffic lanes and tight, but you watch, a false move will send you flying.
  • Race more than 30 new performance adjusted vehicles, muscle cars, hot rods, rally cars and the worlds fastest cars and abroad.
  • Cops want to break up an illegal racing circuit at any price. Sophisticated techniques are the standard they used to just chase you. Now they have helicopter patrols, set up roadblocks... So not only drive fast, but know the city and drive smart.
  • Synopsis and characters you take the metro in the world in illegal street racing.