Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dark Souls Review

Any game can offer some cheap scares. It takes a special character to scare you. Dark Souls is one such game. This is a reflection in the atmosphere and mysterious adventure role-playing game that challenges your mind and courage.

Dark Souls plays by his own rules, and in so doing, provides an unforgettable adventure that permeates your being and invades your mind. It is a historical game, to be loved and spoken by anyone who has the pleasure to unravel its mysteries.

Dark Souls is a dungeon crawler in the third person fighting with accurate and responsive. You create a character, select a category and enter a realm filled with dark horrors of the undead, gargoyles screaming, and covered with iron knights. The tutorial introduces you to the terrors of imminent great way.
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Demon Souls is a collection of great levels attached to a hub area; Dark Souls is one massive field, separated into distinct regions. You can not explore with impunity, however: some areas open to you when you beat bosses.
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Dark Souls convince you to stay, promising new perspectives and new creatures to kill ogle. The greatest scourge on this earth is the inconsistent frame rate. This is not an issue everywhere, but things get rough in some areas. The slowdown is not likely to affect your exploration, but it is notable enough to stand out.

Each enemy attack differently, with some taking advantage of openings for trimming away, if not all, of your health bar. However, smooth animations and sound effects clear signal of the movement's most powerful, allowing you to block correctly or the deployment of the way. Fortunately, the fighting is heavy and accurate, which is why Dark Souls feels fair and rarely cheap. In all some cases, collision detection is perfect.
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Death also means losing the souls that you have in your possession. Souls are the currency of the game and are used to level up, buy equipment, upgrade your weapons and armor, the procurement of new spells, and more. If you want to recover these lost souls, you must return to the blood stain marks the floor when you exhale.