Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Gear Grinder Review-Gear Grinder is a Action and Racing game and you will find the world of crazy races on heavy trucks in various locations. Unleash your wrath shoot and Catch the enemy with the help of the unique weapons.In Gear Grinder game you finish off with all his strength to resist the enemy in close combat with spikes and false weight, chain saws and knives. Blow up and destroy everything in its path. In this game, nothing is impossible.
gear grinder game

  • Two game modes: Racing and can also watch Gear Grinder Demo.
  • A unique transformation of the peace of the truck in the fighting machine you choose
  • How to get the route
  • Relying only on speed, or leaving a trace of the fiery explosion and killing enemies.
  • You can also combine the methods of transmission
  • Making the passing game even more exciting
  • Original game play: several game modes with a variety of game play and exciting mini-games
  • Interactive environment: you will find a spectacular system of destruction and damage to the truck and the outside world.
  • Type of first-and third-person: you have the ability to switch types of wheels on the bonnet of the cab, a third person.
  • Opportunities to upgrade the truck: the game offers a number of improvements of the truck and weapons, each of which affects the appearance of the truck
  • Aggressive spectacular graphics: You will see impressive special effects, day and night, and much more.
  • Brand new engine: it supports all the major modern graphical effects, including bump-mapping, parallax occlusion, bloom. As a physics engine using Ageia Phys X. 
  • System : Pentium 4  3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 3000
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Graphics: Direct X 9.0c-compatible video card ATI Radeon 9600 class or better
  • Sound card: Any compatible with Direct X 9.0
  • Free DB: 800 mb
  • CD drive: 8x All included Size: 582 mb