Saturday, June 9, 2012

TERA Game Review

It is in fact a classic fantasy adventure online in most respects but one: its action. And that the action is so smooth, so immediate and so pleasant that it may keep you invested in Tera, even when you skip a quest to another, carrying messages between the standing figures 20 feet each other. Generic side quests, Tera is a game well executed.

you should not worry about choosing your target before firing off the usual barrage of bars sword and fireballs that automatically find their mark. Instead, you place your crosshair on your target and swing, or stab, or cast iron. Of course, some homing attacks, but generally, if you miss, you do not do the buttons on the mouse and maneuvers damage.your translate almost immediately on the screen. Yes, there are cooldown ability, and you have to wait for animations to complete. But there is a feeling of agility in combat which is rare in the genre.
tera game
tera game review
A monster that is the ovolith, a monster spider creature that rolls through the landscape like a top, the limits in air and land with a crash, and the hammers of the earth the same way a hammer data entry expert on a keyboard. Facing one of the three or four friends is a riot. The prologue tutorial is great, partly because it starts you at level 20, gives some interesting capabilities, and you face a couple of giant ogres.

Most RPGs have you to go kill things, collect the substance, and transmit information to those who need it, of course. But the stimulation varied dialogue strong mission, and other contextual elements can be for fun, varied quests. Unfortunately, the quests are as dry as Tera his own Shara desert. Yet developer Bluehole Studio tries to sweep you into the process, punctuating certain quests with excellent real-time kinematic featuring your own character. Story arcs often lead to battles instantiated with you and maybe your teammates push a sequence of attackers, or take on an evil demon boss.
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You can play as horns, fierce Castanic future, or as a foxgirl hypercute race Elin. This strange and eclectic mix of fantasy figures seems disjointed at first, but it finally comes together. This is at least partly because the diversity of nature goes hand in hand with environmental diversity.A dark baroque tower stands at the center, the golden light behind the stained glass windows that act as beacons, get closer. In the fields crawling Forsaken, gnarled vines warn you away.

Tera is a great game with the future of dozens of distinct regions waiting to be explored. It also works well, skillfully balancing beauty with performance. In fact, from top to bottom, Tera performs wonderfully.Death matches need two groups of volunteers, they have no place in combat arenas structured, and there is no twinning, and so nobody ever play deathmatch. But a more structured battlefield is greatly needed for players on all servers. The good news is that battlefields are planned for later this year.
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The final horror recovered could give you a hard time of it if, as he walks forward and crazy spins on anger. Again, it all comes down to the fight: you can not rely on targeting these rascals and take a bundle of arrows with abandon.But you glyph points limited and some glyphs cost more points than other, so you must choose the glyphs you want to equip. You can also upgrade weapons by inserting into the crystals, and even delight. And there are also typical systems for collecting and crafts that you can collect raw materials and assemble them into better equipment.