Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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Burnout Paradise,the Ultimate Box brings brand series of racing action for the PC for the first time. With online play and solid offline, an almost unbelievable events, and more than 70 vehicles, Ultimate Box is the head of the pack racing PC.

The amount of variety in the game is huge, and how you approach it is to you, explore the open world of Paradise City is at leisure, unlock more than 70 vehicles one at a time through events in solo or join other players to races online and challenges. Couple this variety with deep that it's incredibly fun, Burnout Paradise is easy to recommend.

In addition to all the contents of the original game console, Ultimate Box also includes all the downloadable content for Burnout Paradise has released to date. First, there's Codename: Cagney, which adds the race Stunt, Marked Man and Road Rage modes to multiplayer online. The pack adds wheels to two wheels bike race and a day / night in the series for the first time. And finally, there Burnout Party, the first premium content to hit the party. Burnout Party is an offline pass-the-controller-style party for two to eight players and a new fun way to experience burnout.
Burnout Paradise
Game options are largely unchanged from the console version and include normal travel, Stunt Run, Marked Man, Road Rage and Burning Route. For those new to the Burnout series, in Stunt Run you chained drifts, jumps, and increases to combos; Road Rage events you need to eliminate opponents by crushing them in traffic or objects, and Marked Man you must reach the finish line before your opponents can destroy your car.
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Burning Route consists of speed events point to point, and completing them, you'll unlock an updated version of your current ride. In contrast to Burnout 3, Crash mode and after touch take downs in Burnout 3 does not appear in Paradise, but he has the Showtime mode, which lets you take control of wreckage in the streets of Paradise City and get a draft law of damages in the process. Showtime mode is not as strategically designed as challenges in crash mode, but you'll still flat on a lot of carnage on unsuspecting traffic.

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The biggest novelty this time is the Burnout Paradise Party Pack, which adds an offline pass-the-controller multiplayer challenge up to eight online friends.Getting is as simple as clicking a button during the game, how Join point you to your friends or participate in a lobby at random. The online mode is seamless, and there is no loading times.Burnout Paradise included 350 challenges, and there are now 140 more challenges with the new packs.
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Visually, the PC version is even more of a sumptuous meal as its console brethren. Running at its highest resolution, Paradise City has never looked more dynamic or tray. Smash Cars, pop, scratching, and warping as might be expected, and particle effects make the wanton destruction seem real. Weather effects provided with the package wheels look great with the fog, bright neon night, and the dim twilight all rendered with style.