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Resident Evil 5 for the usual sequences Chris Redfield since he embarks on a quest for an "Autonomous Zone" called Kijuju, a region in Africa that seems to be powerfully encouraged by the aesthetics of regions such as Mogadishu. Chris is looking for a man named Irving, who works for a strange society known as Tricell. Moreover, when Chris meets with a new agent, Almovar Sheva, the circumstances in Kijuju becomes poorer and worse once that people with early symptoms of the virus from Las Plagas from RE4, causing Chris and Sheva to take up arms and fight their way through the situation.

Resident Evil 5 feels a lot more action leaning than its predecessors, even Resident Evil 4. To more highlight, the developers have chosen for a system of control action-oriented more to the game the left analog stick is still used to move your character, although you now use it to strafe while you walk and the right stick controls the research and filming, the nearer to the third person shooters like Gears of War. The game also puts less emphasis on solving puzzles and gathering point as the previous games in the Resident Evil series.
Resident Evil 5
The biggest characteristic of RE5, however, is the inclusion of co-op. RE5 is the first entry in the series for online play feature, allowing you and a friend to play as Chris and Sheva as they go through the campaign of the game Even if you choose to undertake the journey alone, Sheva still the element factors into the gameplay and storyline quite strongly.
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There are still some problems in RE5 that give a slight decline, including some questionable AI issues and control problems. Although the developers have made great progress in modernizing the series, there are still some nagging issues with the control system, namely the inability to take charge while walking and while AI walking.The other question at Sheva's playing the game without another player. Although it works very competently by the majority of the game, shooting enemies and healing you if necessary, treat it fights against bosses, which hinge very heavily on the co-op mechanic in a a less than stellar.
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It is a great game to research, do enjoy the transition to high definition consoles. The character models look great and are fairly well animated, especially the two main protagonists, and environments bleached by the sun have a great sense of atmosphere. The enemies and bosses are well done, and often quite disturbing in their appearance. A minor problem in the PS3 version graphics are the frame rates, which become a little bogged down at times.
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Minimum Requirements

Windows XP
Intel Pentium D Processor /AMD Athlon64 X2
512 MB for Windows XP (1 GB for Windows Vista)
8.0 GB hard disk space
800 by 600 monitor
DVD-ROM drive
DirectX 9.0c Graphics Card (Shader 3.0) NVIDIA Ge Force 6800 series / ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro (256 MB VRAM)
Direct Sound compatible Sound Card (DirectX9.0c or higher)
Mouse & Keyboard

Recommended Requirements

Windows Vista
Intel Core 2 Quad Processor / AMD Phenom X4
1 GB for Windows XP (2 GB for Windows Vista)
1280 by 720 monitor
NVIDIA Ge Force 9800 series / ATI Radeon HD 4800 series (512 VRAM or more)
Xbox 360 Controller for Windows