Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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A simulator of 3D game, produced by SCS Software and developed in 2007 by the same team that made Bus Driver Simulator. The simulator trucks, with trucks very realistic (based on real models), an environment that correspond to genuine European roads, makes you feel like you're driving a truck across Europe.

Inside the truck, reveals many details of flashing lights, temperature and low fuel level, a complete set of gauges, to name a few.
Euro Truck Simulator
Overview of the game is to discover the lives of players on long-haul truck, meeting schedules and dealing with all laws and city traffic. You can develop your career by delivering on time, to gain experience of road that will give you access to other countries across Europe.
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Now, I play this game and enjoy every moment of it.I have been looking for a truck simulator game, finally, there is one that meets all my expectations.
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Euro Truck Simulator free
Like, I have no idea why I like the idea of ​​driving a truck around! Grand Theft San Andreas gives you the opportunity to drive a truck around town and I always thought it would be cool to have a game with the same graphics as Gran Theft, where I could not drive.