Friday, August 5, 2011


Somewhere between life and death is limbo, a nightmarish place where the weak rays of light flashing at the top are swallowed by the black ink shades. A young boy, brave but ill-equipped to survive in this hostile place, is trapped in this dream world, locked in the safe reality. Dangerous creatures, hostile natives, and deadly traps populate this mysterious plan of existence, which makes the survival of the only concrete goal to reach.

The opening scene plunges you into this world, without any explanation of your situation. You play as a young child who is found lying on his back in a foreign country which is far from welcoming. He is almost featureless, appearing as a black silhouette which often coincides with the dark environment, you must travel through. Its distinctive feature is its only shining white eyes. These flashes of light are always visible, making it the only part of his body, you can recognize, even when the rest of the screen is totally black.
Limbo Game
Aesthetics sifted more than compensate for the lack of an elaborate tale, subtle hooks using simple audio and visual to guide you further your way for. Limbo is made entirely in shades of black and white. You walk through the dense forests, cities, decrepit and abandoned factories, which all contain and feel sorry, creating a disturbing sense of entrapment.
Limbo  PC Game
You have a small repertoire of movements to help you stay alive in this 2D puzzle / platform hybrid. A small jump allows you to clear small gaps, some objects can be pushed or pulled, and you can climb or swing ropes. You too deeply submerging in water, falling from a high ledge, or contact one of the many traps will kill you instantly, you referring to the previous checkpoint.
Limbo Game Review
The puzzles in limbo are rarely difficult, but they take a bit of thought to complete, and it is eminently satisfactory to understand and continue your path. Trial and error is a strong component because death often springs from unexpected places.
Limbo Game Online
limbo gameplay
Limbo asks the questions of death against life and reality from dream, but it is not their answer. It matters that are important here, and you're left to contemplate the meaning of this world for yourself.