Saturday, December 3, 2011

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Test Drive 2 Review-The adrenaline pumping car racing series returns to the roads with Test Drive Unlimited 2- a game that integrates persistent online mode with the single-player campaign, in a bid to satisfy a lot gearheads. The game begins with your character partying at a beach house in Ibiza and subsequently going for drive in Ferrari, only to be rudely awakened from this dream sequence by snappy TV show host. She wants you to drive her to her destination, and ends up putting you on her car-racing show. From then on, it’s all about high-tailing through the long, winding streets of lbiza and Oahu, as you struggle to make dream of driving that Ferrari a reality.

The game employs leveling system and allows you to earn experience points to reach up to 60 levels. Leveling up is further divided into four unique categories. You get points for completing car races and challenges, discovering new shops, maps and locations, acquiring new cars and homes, and socializing with other players online. Select your favorite car from available car list.
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As you gain ranks, more challenges are unlocked in the form of Asphalt, Off-Road and Classic car championships. Unfortunately, the online component that is supposed to give players a seamless driving experience, fails to perform adequately, with frequent server downtimes. Once you get online through, the game becomes an open playground abuzz with life-thanks to a solid multiplayer design.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 dlc has a more technical approach to racing than what most players are accustomed to. While it is not as demanding as the Gran Turismo or Forza games, it will take you some time to adjust to its controls.
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Overall, however, they feel natural, sparing some extremely annoying moves due to the awkward physics. Accurately recreating the islands of Ibiza and Oahu, Test Drive Unlimited 2 looks great with its stunning locations, weather effects and car details. Unfortunately, the game suffers from stuttering frame rates. In the audio department, the game captures the sound of revving engines and tire screeches very well; and there are tow radios stations that play present tracks that are bound to be stuck in your head. The voice work, however, could have improved.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 ultimately boils down to an interesting experience, with some of the world’s fastest cars in a myriad of exotic locations.You can download the trail version. The game requires some patience, but if you allow yourself, you might enjoy a lot of what this title has to offer. The cheats PS3 or Xbox 360 available over  the internet.