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A new sequence of trendy motorcycle simulators. The major distinction between SBK 09 of his predecessors turn into scratch model - is now falling leaves traces on the case of motorcyclists and costumes. Even the developers promise improved graphics, new modes and full respect for the "pilot” and the realities of the championship teams Championship Super Bike World.

The bike is supposed to be easy. Although it really depends on what kind of bike you're talking about. A pushbike with outriggers on it is not too testing. A Ducati super bike is a little trickier to handle. And the prospect of planting the latest high speed is not a pleasant experience. Not unless you drive the wrong way around the track in a racing video game, naturally.
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The scenarios outline a situation as a rider is in fourth place at the end of the race, which needs to make up ground and finish on the podium with a heroic effort last minute. It is a welcome diversion, even if the scenarios could use a little more spice.

The campaign of SBK 09 allows you to don leathers of a famous racing team and compete for the championship over 13 tracks. Each event consists of practice, qualifying and the super-pole followed by two races. Moreover, for the uninitiated, the super-pole is not a form of construction of the telegraph impressive, but a series of qualifying rounds knockout to determine the grid position.
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Similarly, if your turn is slipping out of the corners, and it informed the engineer will make adjustments. level of competence of the engineer is dependent on the team, which is true to life as much money sloshing around, the best staff hired.

On the track, racing dynamics are well balanced.Parameters Skills medium enterprises represent a challenge properly measured for the average player, with fairly realistic physics of bike, but do not punish. Crank It Up at the highest level, however, and the bike becomes very demanding, requiring a good idea of ??braking and acceleration techniques.