Saturday, April 7, 2012

Infinity Blade II Review

This is a game that plays on the strengths of the platform there is no battle as long as you can not finish on a bus, and no analog sticks heavy touch screen to enter the mode of of action. It only takes a few passages of your finger to perform slashes and brutal beatings, all with precision and intuitiveness rarely seen in games played with a traditional controller.

You play as Siris, who is a knight on a quest to locate the hand mystifying secrets and punish the demise of his father. To do this, you must clash your way to the top of a tower known as The Vault of Tears, where you fight a variety of opponents and lastly beat the God King. The majority of your time is used up combat. Punch-Out! A bit than likes of Diablo or Dark Souls. Your rivals have a very explicit set of actions they carry out, such as sword strikes, kicks and punches, or magic spells. Predict actions to block, move, or dodge is the only way to be successful.
Infinity Blade II
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By glide smoothly back and forth you perform combos that deal more damage. Or, if you are on the ropes, you can perform a magic attack that can not be blocked by replication of a scanning pattern specific, depending on the period. For each opponent you win you are rewarded with experience points, with XP bonuses on offer to complete different challenges, such as the execution of 10 combos in a row, or five dodging attacks. This XP is used to level up Siris, so you assign points to your attack, defense, shield, or health to increase its combat effectiveness. You can also earn money, you can use to buy more powerful weapons and armor.
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Your skill points and things remain together; still, if you can work through the tower once more, ahead new items and ranking up until you are lastly ready to bring it down. Each time you do, the enemies change, so you'll never face the adventure twice the exact same. Breathtaking environments as a Japanese temple surrounded by pink flowers and the whole huge tower in the middle of monolithic mountains are superb. The characters themselves are also striking.
infinity blade ii review
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Infinity Blade II is a showcase for iOS, providing a complete gaming experience to the platform that is not just shoehorning an existing ideas on a touch screen. It has an identity all its own, successfully straddling the depth RPG with an experience that can be enjoyed in small pieces in a way that few other games can match IOS.