Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Am Alive Game

Your city is in ruins. Destroyed cars litter the streets and sleeping next decimated dilapidated buildings struggling to rise above the tracks twisted. Dust devils and coats, choking anyone unlucky enough to be caught in its suffocating gusts. And people are in even worse shape than the city in tatters, they still call home.

The protagonist is a nameless man in search of his family. On the surface, the decision to leave the main character unnamed seems strange, especially when the supporting cast members all have a nickname to call themselves. But it makes sense when you consider the purpose of this adventure on the theme of survival. Through difficult decisions and a constant feeling of fear, you're the main character in I Am Alive
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When the event hit, you were on the other side of the country. Four-hour flight across the country, nearly a year to walk back home. But your family needs you. Tips of treason, where you somehow abandon your family at some point in the past are addressed and make you wonder what unforgivable act has been committed to support such a terrible penance.

This link is more fortified by the look of a little girl. Mei is bounded in a parking group by annoyed men with awful purposes. She is without help, scared, and looks unusually similar to your own daughter. You begin an instant link to Mei as she is dependent, sweet, and do not justify living in this very bad world. She can not still keep in mind what the city was like previous to the event hit.
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Story details are minimized. Instead of getting you out of action with long cut-scenes, most information is transmitted by walking in the desert. Later, you find a hungry, desperate woman struggling to carry forward. When you give him a box of fruit, she shows her thanks and you feel good to save someone in need. Walk through its position later, you find hanging from a rope.

Your limited supply items can be used to recharge your stamina in a pinch, but each piece is precious. You must make your last resource, which stains all up with the pressure of the failure. If you push too far and let your stamina drop below its breaking point, it does not regenerate completely when you step back on solid ground.If you climb a fire escape to catch your breath, you can survey the landscape. You can walk in the wrong direction for a few minutes to an hour, trying to find a way to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles. There is a sense of dread that permeates the whole of your choice.
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There are moments when the illusion is tarnished. You walk into an alley and the game warns you that you boldly go the wrong way. Get completely lost is difficult, because you have a card, you can access at any time if such a hand-held is unnecessary. Intrusion heads-up display also remains far from certain realism.

In the fight against I Am Alive is psychological. Because picking up a ball feels like a bonus, you need to be smart and resourceful to stay alive. In reading the emotions of the survivors who have aggressive intent of your death is key if you want to make it through unscathed. Of course, there are people who do not want to kill you. Maybe they have their own stash of valuables in custody or to protect their own relatives. When you approach them, they threaten you. They shout and scream, even pointing a gun on your way.
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I Am Alive does attract you in a city gone to ruin on the basis of instinctive human reactions to establish a strong emotional connection. From a technical standpoint, there is nothing special here. The controls are stiff, the graphics are blurry, and the voice acting odd note struck. But I'm Alive increases above these fundamental concerns to provide a captivating experience that is hard to forget.