Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lucius Game Review

It's not easy to be Antichrist. You too experience the trials and tribulations of the eldest son of the big red guy with horns. It might be expected pedigree of a young man, when he is suffering from growing pains, a substantial amount of bodies. Lucifer is a demanding father who wants the souls in exchange for the construction of TYKE with his telekinetic powers. All this contributes to the dark, but a promising where your only goal is to find a way to kill people in the devil hit list. The entire game was largely borrowed from the horror series Omen films. You take the role of the title character, Lucius, who has been his real father to hell during his sixth birthday, 6. June 1972.

Father stops to give pale face, straight hair kinky little gifts and subscriptions. He has big plans for Lucius, and they can be better achieved by the murder well, just about everyone who lives and works in the family home known as Dante huge Manor. You start with a simple obstruction woman room walk-in freezer cooking, then move on to a clever killings such as cutting the head butcher half. Most game is scary and sober, with Lucius haunts the corridors of the old manor house, sometimes for only a flashlight to guide their way. The script barely there B-movie and mechanical voice acting make it difficult to take the story seriously, but they are projected to kill the real display in rain of blood and pieces of the frame. The game offers a good balance between thrills and gore that a fan of horror movies to enjoy.

Lucius Game

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It's not as if Lucius is a daily average of six years, a serial killer, either. It has many supernatural powers courtesy of dear old dad. At while Lucius was the only child of his parents and the housekeeping staff. You could trace the gruesome murders, but you still have to brush your teeth and clean the room so mom and dad can see that you are a good boy. Rewards was not as well-behaved as treats as Ouija board, which provides advice, but it is not clear how the mother and father were hands on these trinkets. Aspects of the game in reality, it is transferred to the paper installation. The biggest problem is the lack of information. You are basically hosted the devil instructions to start killing people right when the game starts, and left to get the hang of how to go about doing it yourself.
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Lucius can not simply slide his victories. Instead, it is necessary to consider the manor download it for storage of different items needed for the implementation of the victims and finishing. Lucius also have to sneak around. Place the mother noticed something strange, or one of the other characters, who patrol the manor results leave overnight task. This process is logical, if you clearly, but unfortunately, the developers did not include murder tutorial will help you get a clear idea of your job. You can remove the drawers open in each office, a bedside table and a wardrobe room, and many have returned to the crucifix upside down before draining his powers Lucius Hades-born.