Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dishonored Game

Dishonored is a game of a lot of things. It is about payback, prepared with lethal weapons and mystical powers to take revenge for all those who orchestrated the destruction. It is a city, harbor plague the industry Dunwall is beautiful to see, interesting to explore, and boil with an incredible variety of secrets. The ways you can participate in, or escape from enemies makes Dishonored impressive and definitely flexible captivating.

You play Attano Corvo, a former bodyguard of the Empress and the current death penalty. Prologue recounting criminal Corvo, not only lights up your desire for revenge, but also the spark of affection framework character.In vulnerable conspirators to help you escape from the prison, and you will find that they are plotting to overthrow the men you an injustice. Cast of excellent sound and an elegant character to help these people's lives. When you listen to them talk about their reading newspapers, listening to conversations, and learn the secrets whispered mystical point was psychotic, you have come to know the characters and the world they live in, such information is engaging, even if the plot follows some of the off the beaten track, you're still interested and willing to press.
dishonored game

dishonored game review
Dunwall Explorer is another great pleasures of shame. The city prospered due to commercial whaling in recent times, but it has fallen on hard times, as the flood of deadly plague. Brick walls and wooden beams on the loom of the streets swarming with rats, while the granite facades and metal barricades to block paved places rich neighborhoods.The beautiful artistic design shines PC, all the details and make a very attractive place to live Dunwall.

Of course, there are tangible benefits to exploration well. Sewers, streets, homes and estates hide all items to restore health, strengthen your arsenal, teaches you the secrets, or you can purchase a new supernatural powers.Figuring how to get through the environments is a constant pleasant, and one of the first to help you get the powers to teleport a short distance. Quick hiss and fuzzy power pop that provides a nice accompaniment to the visual pleasure of defying the law of nature, and if you want to add the ability to jump supernaturally, your choice of locomotion has increased considerably.

dishonored gameplay

Additionally to these heroic abilities motion, you can select the power of control. Slip into rat skin or scales of fish, you can navigate small tunnels and reach out to new areas, and when slowed down, you can even have other people in a short time. Acquisition and improvement of your supernatural powers requires runes, however, and not enough for you all over. Authorities with the left hand and use the radial menu. This menu also contains your gun and your crossbow, each of which has a number of different types of ammunition.

The evil weapons, and these huge powers at your disposal, you will have a vivid picture of how to deal with hostile. Just sneak up on them is often effective climbing back, applying a sleeper hold, and drag the body dark corner. You are a huge sword of a man who is able to stop and cons-attack most of the shots, but the swords of the ears to bring more security guards or the bad guys, and they do not expect their allies have out of the way to take a picture of you.
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dishonored trailer

The enemies are susceptible to fatal falls intelligence from time to time, but they tend to be tough and clever enough to put up a decent fight. Once you start experimenting with the power, weapons, and some of the flexibility of the environment Dishonored shows her amazing stuff. Of course, you do not really need to look at, but taking a playful approach may lead to even more fun supernatural. Blowing the bottles on the shelf hidden perch is uncomfortable with maids. Snatch the watchman sees the painting, instead of waiting for him to walk away. Dishonored multiple save slots, and take advantage of the ability to tear things and set a new departure to encourage you to engage in a delicious chaos.

Dishonored is a game of compelling features a courageous creative design, colorful characters, and in particular the freedom of choice - these are the things that marked so shame really important games this year.