Tuesday, May 17, 2011

StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Game

StarCraft is mounted beyond the realm of video games and became a worldwide phenomenon. Hell, it is even considered as a national sport in South Korea. Needless to say that fans may have thought that monitoring for some time now. Their patience has paid off in a big way. Even if, it release's twelve years after the original game hit first PC, StarCraft II shows that the developers paradise, have not missed a lesson at this time.

Blizzard is one of those companies who know when not to mess with a proven formula. Although their games do better in places, get added features here and there and never feel the timing of their release, they still follow the basic gameplay and feel of their predecessors.From beginning to end, this game bears his heritage on his sleeve in terms of all meaning to the structure of the atmosphere and mission. Although the basic mechanisms are the same as the first game, the still is an absolute blast and one of the best RTS games to hit a good, long while.
StarCraft II Wings of Liberty
The story is much more concentrated than the original StarCraft, with the story unfolds through cut scenes between missions and the conversations you have with your comrades in the central hub. There are some loose ends in the story does not get corrected at the end of the campaign and some plot points that have players scratching their heads, but as there are two planned expansions for the game, these elements history can be addressed in the future.
StarCraft II Wings of Liberty review
StarCraft II Wings of Liberty demo
In addition to giving you the opportunity to get a better view of history, the central hub also allows you to spend money earned in missions and buy upgrades for your units persistent recruitment of mercenaries, and gain a better technology. These hubs also give you some freedom in how you choose to progress. You only have a choice of several different missions, each with its own advantages and financial research, which opens your campaign options a bit and prevents it from being a case of linear type.
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StarCraft II Wings of Liberty gameplay
The gameplay feels a bit like the original StarCraft, but there are subtle changes that hardcore fans of the series will appreciate. The pace of the game has been accelerated, with production unit and the speed goes quicker.One much of the main beefs that fans of the original will likely result is that it does a Terran campaign.
StarCraft II Wings of Liberty game
StarCraft II looks fantastic, and ranks among the best environments and character models that you find All in the RTS genre, and customization options scalable to enable it to perform admirably on a number of configurations. The cut-scenes and the central hub looks great, made with the game engine and sports details fantastic. The art design that Blizzard did on their namesake is brilliantly presented and supported by excellent voice-overs and scores.