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Strike Suit Zero game Review

Future of the Earth hangs by a thread. After decades of expansion and colonization throughout the universe, human factions fighting for the variety of independence for home planet. Strike Suit Zero puts you in the role of Adams, anonymous soldier, when the United Nations to defend Earth colonial invasion. Before purchasing the machine eponymous war game, you must perform some initial tutorial battle for control standard acclimated. Jets are fast, and test a fighter is no exception. You can participate in propeller speed increases to keep pace fleeing enemies, but the filling can also send you a little off course due to inertial effects.

The hunter is fairly simple standard in this regard. After a few minutes, you'll have no problem mowing down enemy ships, when the toner on the battlefield, and Adams lost his return to active duty. Each four vessels used throughout the country are able to equip different weapons and missiles simultaneously. Most scenarios are flexible enough to allow you to develop your Load-out without compromising the chances of success, because the responsibility ultimately your ability to find or flee key moments. Missiles that lock on enemy aircraft have a limited amount of ammunition, so it is better to use a standard machine gun rounds or plasma as automatic targeting all the enemies from the start.
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Debris and victims of war, to decorate the foreground while dancing jet-stream red and blue on the screen. Balance and visual flourishes to make you feel part of the action, and not just an observer far from the miracle. Jet relatively dull leaves early in the game dull first impression, but when the game takes you to the strike headquarters Suit, it spreads its wings and never look back. From a handful of ships you will be tested during the strike Suit game even more fun to use its ability to transform and out maneuver enemy aircraft. Once you have collected the right amount of energy flow by shooting enemies and debris, dressing can be transformed into mechanical agile firepower with much stronger and the ability to quickly rush out of danger .You can watch the strike suit zero trailer on youtube.

Zero Suit strike campaign will take approximately 10 hours to complete the first time through, but there is plenty of incentive to play each mission, such as upgrades and powerful ships for alternatives. Each task is secondary objectives that can be completed to unlock new weapons and armor, or those to protect or destroy a ship during the battle. Have a job at the same time that the main objective seems an impossible task at times, and long enough for most tasks can be found in the greatest obstacle to success. As fun as combat missions together, they tend to be too long for their own good. Helicopter gunship and fast action as it is, it's frustrating when a few seconds of errors will destroy nearly an hour to progress.
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The story is secondary to the thrill fight, but it's more interesting than it first let on. Discussions rarely anything but new objectives and strategic analysis, and there is virtually no character development, but when the veil is lifted, and a central figure in exposing their Endgame, these revelations retroactively to events led to them. There are many cases cited inspiration fairly well known, but the final borrow Zero Suit strike all its own identity.